Practice Manager Features

Practice Manager is available in three editions as outlined in the feature comparison below. This is then complemented by addon modules to support extended requirements such as cloud backup, TopCon Camera integration etc.

It can be licenced on a monthly subscription or purchased outright. See the Pricing Page for details.
The Gallery Page contains some screenshots from the application.
The minimum and recommended requirements are outlined here .

Entry Level Edition


Suitable for small practices looking for a reliable and cost effective system for patient management, recall and examinations.

Standard Edition


Add Spectacle and Contact Lens dispensing. Electronic diary. Touch screen Point of sale support for busier practices.

Premium Edition


Add secure cloud backup, targeted marketing campaigns and advanced management reporting for the complete package.

Feature Comparision

Feature Entry Edition Standard Edition Premium Edition
Patient Management
Create new patient file in seconds y y y
Retain Full medical history y y y
- Multiple periods (3 month, 1 year, 2 year etc)
- Targeted messages for Private, PRSI and SW patients
- Notify via Text/SMS, Email, Letter. Reduce postage costs
y y y
Advanced search capability
- Search by date of birth, mobile number, Eircode etc
y y y
Configurable mandatory fields e.g. date of birth, email address y y y
Full perscription History y y y
Retain all patient data indefinitely y y y
Track all activity by Optician y y y
Send Text/SMS for glasses ready using templates y y y
Learn local Townslands and Streets for address autocompletion y y y
Multiple Exam Types. Easily add your own. y y y
Carry patient medical history and previous Rx forward to new exams y y y
Referral letters - pre-populate Specialists address and Rx y y y
Print Rx and Optician recommendations/products for dispensing y y y
Scan correspondence to database
 - Referral letters
 - Specialists responses
 - Patient files
y y y
Full audit trail for legal requirements y y y
Designed with Opticians for Opticians y y y
Support Outside Rx y y y
Onscreen sketchpad with templates y y y
Integration with equipment (Auto refractors etc - see addons)
Electronic Diary
Create new appointments in seconds y y
Multiple active appointments per patient y y
Automatic Text/SMS personalised appointment reminders y y
Create flexible schedules for part time or locum Opticians. y y
Block down appointments/days easily y y
Spectacle Dispensing
Full dispensing history y y
Track allergies (nickel etc) y y
Compare Lenses
- Display list of suitable thinner, lighter lenses with pricing
- Upsell patient
y y
Fully customisable to suit your practice y y
Trackjob tray location y y
Print dispensing job card with Rx and Optician recommendations/products y y
Add allowances, discounts, drops etc y y
Fully integrated into Point Of Sale/Till System y y
Contact Lens Dispensing
Full dispensing history y y
Reorder lenses with 2 clicks y y
Audit of who ordered, checked, collected lenses y y
Multiple pricing options (30/60/90 etc pairs) y y
Lens filtered by category and supplier y y
Fully integrated into Point Of Sale/Till System y y
Point Of Sale
Touch screen support for rapid ‘over the counter’ sales y y
Print detailed patient receipts y y
Retain full sales history y y
Daily reconciliation reports for till balancing and bank reconciliation y y
Fully customisable to suit your practice y y
Health Board & PRSI
Allocate PRSI and/or Medical Card allowances y y
Track PRSI and Medical entitlements y y
Track form Send dates and approval status y y
Automatically send PRSI approval request email y y
Management Reporting
Cash, cheque and credit/debit card breakdown for bank reconciliation y y
Full VAT breakdown and reporting y y
Debtors Report y y
Profit analysis by time of day, day of week etc y
PRSI and Social Welfare claim reports. y
Exam to dispense revenue ratio (up selling report). y
Targeted marketing campaigns by
- Patient category e.g.Private, PRSI, Health board
- Age group, Recent spend, Recall period, last visit
Deliver campaign via Email, SMS or letter y
Target overdue or out of contact patients y
System Administration
Add or remove custom examinations and set appropriate fees y y y
Add frames, lenses and C/L for each supplier and set prices y y
Add ‘over the counter’ products easily and modify prices y y
Modify/add referral letter templates y y
Define schedules for all Opticians and Locums y y
Disaster Recovery
Data stored in local Microsoft SQL Server database y y y
System works indefinitely without Internet connection
- Excluding SMS messages, email and cloud backup
y y y
Manual backup to USB key y y y
Highly secure backup encryption using 256-bit AES encryption y y
Hourly backups of the system to local disk y y
Hourly backups of the system to the cloud using Google Drive y
Ability for Outback Technology to remotely verify backups
- Additional fee's apply

Add Ons

  • TopCon Fundus Camera
    - Patient details automatically added to the TopCon database
  • TopCon AutoRefractor
    - Automatically import Rx, Tonometry, pressures and Keratometry
  • Additional PC Licence
  • Quarterly health check including remote verification of backups

Minimum Requirements

  • PC with a minimum of Intel Core i3 processor; 4GB RAM; 100GB hard disk.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 10 Professional Edition.
  • 15" widescreen display with a minimum resolution of 1366 x 768. 19.5" full HD display recommended.
  • An Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and SSD disks are recommended for better performance.
  • RAID 1 disks are recommended in the main server to protect against data loss.

Outback Technology can provide a complete hardware and software solution. Please contact us for details.